Airs Anglois

B-Brussel, Conservatoriumbibliotheek, WQ 5526/27/28/29
Choisis & mis en ordre par George Bingham
In England – unlike the rest of Europe – much high-quality music was published for amateur recorder players between 1660-70 and ca. 1730. Old English forms were used in this music, such as divisions on a ground, but also Italian and French sonata forms. In this context, the series of Airs Anglois represents the last peak of recorder music before the transverse flute became predominant.
Much of the music in these small volumes will be a rich and welcome addition to the repertoire of professional and semi-professional recorder players.
author:  P. Raspé (introduction)
technical sheet:  Livre second : 2 vols., 78 p.
order number:  IV 6(Livre second)
isbn:  Livre second : 90 6853 077 1
euro:  4