An anthology of music fragments from the low countries (Middle ages-Renaissance).

Polyphony, monophony and slate fragments in facsimile
This anthology is a richly-illustrated book with fragments of Medieval and Renaissance music uncovered in archives and libraries throughout the Low Countries. The mainly polyphonic music fragments include compositional sketches and didactic drafts as well as simple polyphony and slate fragments.
All of the fragments appear in full colour facsimile for the first time. An accompanying introduction, in Dutch and English, places the music fragments in historical context. Their origins and locations of use are discussed.
The anthology reveals new subjects for musicological research and offers music students a visual record of the early history of notation; it should fascinate every music lover!
author:  E. Schreurs (introduction)
technical sheet:  1 vol., 33 x 23 cm, XXIV-136 p., full colour edition, bound in linen and wrapped in a dust jacket
order number:  I A 11
isbn:  90 6853 107 7
euro:  97