Chansonnier of Hieronymus Lauweryn Van Watervliet

GB-London, British Library, Ms. ADD. 35087
Hieronymus Lauweryn, lord of Watervliet and Poortvliet who served at the courts of Maximilian of Austria, Philip the Good and Margaret of Austria, had this substantial parchment manuscript copied around 1505-6. This was probably done in Bruges. This wel-cared-for and well preserved manuscript contains 36 French chansons, 25 songs in Dutch, 1 motet-chanson, 14 Latin and 2 Italian works, many of which are unique. The best-known composers here are Agricola, Compère, Mouton and Josquin.
author:  W. McMurtry (introduction)
technical sheet:  1 vol., 31.5 x 21 cm, XII-190 p., bound
order number:  I A 6
isbn:  90 6853 035 6
euro:  49