Choirbook for Philip the Fair and Juana of Castile
c. 1504-6

Brussel, Koninklijke bibliotheek
Ms 9126
This facsimile of the Ms 9126 is one of the most significant manuscripts for sacred polyphony of the first decade of the sixteenth century. It was copied at the Dutch court, intended for Philip the Fair. Most of its content originates from composers with direct links to Philip’s chapel, either through membership at the time of copying (La Rue, Agricola, de Orto), or through proximity with it during that period (Josquin). Ms 9126 includes masses, magnificats, salve regina settings and motets.
author:  F. Fitch (introduction)
technical sheet:  1 vol., XX-364 p.,35 x 24.5 cm
The facsimile has been reduced by 12%, 4p. in full colour, bound
order number:  IA 14
isbn:  90 6853 142 5
euro:  122