Collection of Middle Dutch and Latin Sacred Songs (ca. 1500)

Brussels, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, MS II 270
The Brussels Royal Library manuscript II 270 is in more than one respect particularly noteworthy. It can be linked to the Modern Devotion movement and contains 10 Dutch and 19 Latin songs for two to four voices. Most of the songs are anonymous, with the exception of one work by Henricus Isaac that could be identified via concordant sources. It is remarkable that this highly varied and beautifully produced song book has not yet appeared in a complete modern edition. The majority of the pieces are Christmas songs or are dedicated to the Virgin Mary or saints like Ursula, Cecilia, Catharina, Barbara, Nicholas. This new edition also contains a facsimile of the manuscript.
author:  E. Schreurs, B. Bouckaert, J. Van Dongen, A. Welkenhuysen, J. De Landtsheer
technical sheet:  Performance Edition, 1 vol., XLV-132p., gebonden
Facsimile: 1 vol., 52p., 110 x 156 mm
order number:  MFM 7
isbn:  90 6853 168 9
euro:  70