De triomfeerende Min.
Vredespel. Gemengt met Zang- en Snaarenspel, Vliegwerken, en Baletten. 1680
(Dirk Buysero & Carel Hacquart)

(Love triumphant; a play of peace. Mixed with songs and strings...)
This first volume of the Monumenta Flandriae Musica is devoted to Dirk
Buysero and Carel Hacquaert's play “De Triomfeerende Min” (Love Triumphant),
one of the first initiatives towards 'Dutch opera' (in fact a play with a
lot of music especially written for this play). The Bruges composer Carel Hacquaert (c. 1640-1701?) supplied Buysero vocal parts with
continuo, an obligato accompaniment for the song of Apollo and one four-part
choral piece with an introduction for two trumpets and bass. Some parts of
the original have been worked out to make all the necessary musical material
available for a performance, dances and interludes which were outlined by
the poet has been added from other sources (compositions by Hacquaert, Lully
and Colasse).
author:  P. Andriessen & T. Strengers (Editors)
technical sheet:  1 vol., LII-82 p., bound
order number:  MFM 1
isbn:  90 6853 119 3
euro:  70