Du Mont Henry

Motets à II. III. et IV. parties
Paris, C. Ballard, 1681
B-Brussel, Conservatoriumbibliotheek
F-Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale
Dumont, who received his musical training in Maastricht and in Liège, was, for a while, Compositeur de musique de la Chapelle Royale. The volume, which dates from 1681, contains 37 two- to four-part motets with often an accompaniment for one or two descant viols (or violins), bassoon and b.c. and 3 instrumental ‘symphonies’. The last four motets can also be performed by a double choir. The music by the composer of Louis XIV deserves to be heard more often and certainly merits a place of honour next to Lully.
author:  J. Quitin (introduction)
technical sheet:  5 vols., X-400 p.
order number:  III 9
isbn:  90 6853 044 5
euro:  26