Harpsichord Music of the Southern Low Countries.

Three manuscripts from the national archives in Antwerp: Arendonk, Dimpna Isabella en Maria Therese Reijnders (17th Century)
This edition presents a full transcription of three music manuscripts in the National Archives of Antwerp. All three contain harpsichord music from the second half of the seventeenth century, originated in the Northern part of the province of Antwerp and have much in common in style and repertoire(arrangements of songs and dances) as well as in their graphic aspects.
Since these are collections of amateur (domestic) music, of which very little music has been preserved in the Low Countries, the keyboard arrangements do not demand great technical skills on the part of the performer.
author:  G. Spiessens & I. Cornelis (Editors)
technical sheet:  1 vol. LVII + 111 p.
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isbn:  90 6853 121 2
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