Magister X

The Imaginary Journey of a Flemish Polyphonist (in the days of Josquin)
In recent years Flanders and the rest of Europe have seen a surge of interest in fifteenth and sixteenth-century polyphony from the Low Countries. Johan Van Cauwenberge, an authority on fifteenth and sixteenth-century political and cultural life, was asked to sketch the imaginary life story of a leading polyphonist from this region. The result is an extraordinarily rich, exciting and totally enthralling story, which blends fact and fiction, humour and gravity. On the accompanying CD, the Capilla Flamenca enxemble performs all the musical genres of the period.

Magister X is intended as an introduction on polyphony, but experts will find it no less fascinating. Eauipped with book and CD, the reader cum listener travels effortlessly back into the forgotten world of Magister X.
author:  Johan Van Cauwenberge
information author:  Johan Van Cauwenberge joined Belgian Radio 3 as a presenter in 1974 and for fifteen years he was the familiar voice of 'Musica Antiqua'. In 1990 he moved from early music to the 'De Kunstberg' arts programme, for which he is now the regular presenter and a contributor to visual arts topics. He is also a sculptor and writer. He has mounted a remarkable exhibition on Dante, written several books of poetry, produced texts for Musica antiqua Vienna and Capilla Flamenca concert programmes and he is the regular narrator for these two ensembles.
technical sheet:  1 vol., 14 x 21 cm, 48 p., hardcover
order number:  English version: LUG 06
French version: LUG 07
German version: LUG 08
isbn:  90 6853 127 I
euro:  12,50