Molino Francesco

Premier, second & troisiéme nocturne pour piano et guitare, op. 36, 44 & 57

Paris, ca. 1825 and ca. 1826-29

F-Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale
Francesco Molino abandoned an important career as a violinist in his home country, Italy, to establish himself in Paris as a guitarist. In a short while he maneged to become one of the most talked about guitarists, next to his copantriots Carulli and Carcassi and the Spaniards Sor and Aguado. He published three nocturnes for guitar and piano on his own and their success has been confirmed by the subsequent editions in Germany and England. Here the first editions chez l'auteur have been joined together.
author:  P. Pieters (introduction)
technical sheet:  6 vols., IV-52 p.
order number:  III 3
isbn:  90 6853 038 0
euro:  5