Motets by Alexander Utendal
(ca. 1543/1545 - 1581)

With this selection of sixteen motets by Alexander Utendal (c.1543/45-1581)
we hope to convince both musicologists and musicians of the exceptional quality that could be achieved by a composer who has so far been overshaded by more famous names. In 1564 Utendal entered the service of Archduke
Ferdinand, Emporer Maximilian II's brother, and remained there until his death at the young age of 36. Ignace Bossuyt selected a representative
cross-section of the composers' artistry from the five-volume anthology 'Novus Thesaurus Musicus' (Venice 1586) and the three volumes 'Sacrae Cantiones'(1571, 1573 and 1577).
author:  I. Bossuyt (Editor)
technical sheet:  1 vol., LVI + 137 p.
order number:  MFM 5
isbn:  90 6853 139 5
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euro:  70