Musikalische Allerley

Von verschiedenen Tonkünstlern
Berlin, F.W. Birnstiel, 1761-63.
B-Brussel, Conservatoriumbibliotheek, WQ 6313
Musikalischer Allerley is a reflection of the flourishing musical life in Berlin during the second half of the eighteenth century. It was published by F.W. Birnstiel in instalments – a shrewd commercial move since this was not only cheaper, but also attracted regular Berlin custom. F.W. Birnstiel took the idea from F.W. Marpurg (1718-1795), an author whose compositions feature more in the Musikalischer Allerley than those by any other composer. Marpurg published some of his important aesthetic-theoretic writings in instalments, incorporating music scores, to achieve better sales.
author:  G. Haenen (introduction)
technical sheet:  1 vol., 288 p.
order number:  IV 2
isbn:  90 6853 067 4
euro:  29