Preludes for Carillon by Matthias Vanden Gheyn (18th century)

In 1995 the University of Leuven Archives obtained the original manuscript
of the Eleven Preludes for carillon by Matthias Vanden Gheyn (1721-1785).
Vanden Gheyn was, as city carilloneur and organist at the collegiate church
of St Peter, one of the most important musicians in Leuven at his time. This
discovery of the manuscripts was particularly meaningful for the carillon
art: at long last a reliable basis source was available of the most
frequently-played carillon music in the world. Until now transcriptions were
based on older copies. This volume contains a new performance edition by
Gilbert Huybens and Luc Rombouts as well as a facsimile of the manuscript.
author:  G. Huybers & L. Rombouts (Editors)
technical sheet:  2 vols., XLV + 50 p.,
facsimile + performance edition
order number:  MFM 2
isbn:  90 6853 120 4
euro:  70