The Burgundian-Habsburg Court Complex of Music Manuscripts (1500-1535) and the Workshop of Petrus Alamire

Yearbook of the Alamire Foundation, vol. 5
In 1999 the Alamire Foundation, International Centre for the Study of Music in the Low Countries, assembled for the first time the most important illuminated manuscripts of the court scribe Petrus Alamire in a unique exhibition Alamire’s Treasury. Music and Miniatures from Charles V’s Time (1500–1535), Leuven, Predikherenkerk, 25 September – 5 December 1999. At the same time a standard work was published with a number of scholarly papers and a detailed catalogue of all known Alamire manuscripts, as well as an exhibition catalogue in Dutch.

In addition, the Alamire Foundation in the same year brought together all the researchers working on these manuscripts in a colloquium on The Burgundian-Habsburg Court Complex of Music Manuscripts (1500–1535) and the Workshop of Petrus Alamire, Leuven, 25–28 November 1999. A large selection of the papers presented at this conference have been elaborated into comprehensive scholarly articles to be published in the series Yearbooks of the Alamire Foundation, which is directed by an internationally oriented editorial board.
The articles are grouped thematically. The keynote address given by Prof. Herbert Kellman at the opening of the Alamire conference in November 1999 is followed by a number of contributions which focus on the workshop itself and its scribes, the use and the function of the manuscripts, their decoration, and the persons and institutions that possessed these often magnificent manuscripts or ordered their manufacture. The final grouping deals with compositional aspects and the works of composers represented in the Burgundian-Habsburg Court Complex, among them Josquin des Prez, Pierre de la Rue, Matthaeus Pipelare, Alexander Agricola, Mathurin Forestier, and Petrus Alamire himself.
This publication was realized with the support of the Fund for Scientific Research – Flanders (Belgium).
author:  Editors: Bruno Bouckaert & Eugeen Schreurs
information author:  Authors:
Bonnie Blackburn, Stanley Boorman, Vincenzo Borghetti, Bruno Bouckaert, Brigitte Dekeyzer, Willem Elders, David Fallows, Fabrice Fitch, Michael Friebel, Barbara Haggh, Jürgen Heidrich, Martin Just, Herbert Kellman, Jacobijn Kiel, Thomas G. MacCracken, Honey Meconi, Martin Picker, Kathryn Pohlmann Duffy, Véronique Roelvink, Thomas Schmidt-Beste, Eugeen Schreurs, Martin Staehelin, Dagmar Thoss, Peter Urquhart

Editorial board:
Bonnie J. Blackburn, Ignace Bossuyt, Bruno Bouckaert, David Bryant, Anne-Emmanuelle Ceulemans, David Crawford, Frank Dobbins, David Fallows, Barbara Haggh, Herbert Kellman, Honey Meconi, Volker Schier, Katelijne Schiltz, Eugeen Schreurs, Jaap van Benthem, Henri Vanhulst, Andrew Wathey, Saskia Willaert

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