The songbook of Fridolin Sicher

CH-Sankt Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Ms. Cod. Sang 461
The Songbook of Fridolin Sicher, presumably copied in Switzerland after 1515, contains different genres. Besides a few mass sections and one motet there are 4 Flemish, 2 Italian and 37 French secular works by composers such as Agricola, Brumel, Busnoy, Compère, Isaac, Josquin, de la Rue, Obrecht, Ockeghem and Pipelare. The manuscript is beautifully illuminated with lavish motifs and drawings of faces and birds in the margins. Like so many other small chansonniers, the Songbook of Fridolin Sicher is a remarkable document.
author:  D. Fallows (introduction)
technical sheet:  1 vol., 20.5 x 16 cm, XXXII-96 p., bound
order number:  I A 10
isbn:  90 6853 097 6
euro:  40