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The theme of Alamire’s collection of scholarly publications is the music of the Low Countries from 1100 to 1797. The Alamire Foundation coordinates systematic and interdisciplinary archival research in Flanders and publishes the results of these research activities through Alamire Publishers in a series of yearbooks, transcriptions, and facsimiles. These publications are geared for musicologists, musicians, teachers, and music afficionados.
- The yearbooks are compilations of reports from colloquia, in which new research results are presented and placed in a wider European context.
- The Monumenta Flandriae Musica is an edition of transcriptions organised according to composer, period, or genre. The introduction to each volume concentrates on the historical context, the text edition, and performance practice.
- The series of fascimiles includes Renaissance manuscripts of music by the Flemish Polyphonists. These editions offer the opportunity to study the source in its original form. A specialist in the field provides an introduction to the facsimiles.

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Manuscripts Yearbooks Monumenta Flandriae Musica
An anthology of music fragments from the low countries (Middle ages-Renaissance).
Polyphony, monophony and slate fragments in facsimile
E. Schreurs (introduction)
1 vol., 33 x 23 cm, XXIV-136 p., full colour edition, bound in linen and wrapped in a dust jacket

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Basevi Codex
I-Florence, Biblioteca del Conservatorio, Ms. 2439
H. Meconi (introduction)
1 vol., 17 x 24 cm, VIII-212 p. (4 p. in full colour), bound

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Bologna Q 18 (early 16th c.)
S.F. Weiss (introduction)
1 vol., 17.5 x 24.5 cm, XXVIII-180 p., bound
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Cambrai Cathedral Choirbook
F-Cambrai, Bibliothèque municipale, Ms. 11
L. Curtis (introduction)
1 vol., 120 p., 30 x 21 cm, bound

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Chansonnier of Hieronymus Lauweryn Van Watervliet
GB-London, British Library, Ms. ADD. 35087
W. McMurtry (introduction)
1 vol., 31.5 x 21 cm, XII-190 p., bound

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Choirbook for Philip the Fair and Juana of Castile
c. 1504-6

Brussel, Koninklijke bibliotheek
Ms 9126
F. Fitch (introduction)
1 vol., XX-364 p.,35 x 24.5 cm
The facsimile has been reduced by 12%, 4p. in full colour, bound

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Choirbook of the Burgundian Court Chapel
B-Brussel, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Ms. 5557
R.C. Wegman (introduction)
1 vol., 32 x 24 cm, X-272 p., bound

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The songbook of Fridolin Sicher
CH-Sankt Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Ms. Cod. Sang 461
D. Fallows (introduction)
1 vol., 20.5 x 16 cm, XXXII-96 p., bound

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Cantus 21
Mémoires du chant. Le livre de musique d’Isidore de Séville à Edmond de Coussemaker
Bruno Bouckaert
Alamire Uitgeverij & Ad Fugam : Neerpelt - Lille, 2007, 240 p. - 24 x 29 cm

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Giaches De Wert (1535-1596) and his time
Migration of musicians to and from the low countries (c. 1400-1600)
E. Schreurs & B. Bouckaert (Editors)

(J. Bloxam, V. Borghetti, B. Bouckaert, D. Crawford, I. Fenlon, J. Haar, G. Haenen, G. Hoekstra, R. Lindell, P. Macey, M. Monteyne, A. Newcomb, D. Nutter, D. Smith.)

1 vol., 209 p.

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Music fragments and manuscripts from the Low Countries
Alta Capella/Music Printing in Antwerp and Europe in the 16th century
E. Schreurs & H. Vanhulst (Editors)
(S. Bain, C. Ballmann, J. Bernstein, S. Boorman, I. Bossuyt, S. Willaert, G. Ciliberti, A. Gross, L. Guillo, I. His, S. Jackson, M. Lamla, F. Longrée, T. McTaggart, J.A. Owens, R. Rasch, T. Röder, E. Schreurs, N. Tsugami, J. Van Der Stock and R.L. Weaver.)

1 vol., 512 p.

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The Burgundian-Habsburg Court Complex of Music Manuscripts (1500-1535) and the Workshop of Petrus Alamire
Yearbook of the Alamire Foundation, vol. 5
Editors: Bruno Bouckaert & Eugeen Schreurs
378 p.

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Yearbook of the Alamire Foundation, vol. 7
Editors: E. Schreurs & B. Bouckaert
337 p.

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Monumenta Flandriae Musica
Collection of Middle Dutch and Latin Sacred Songs (ca. 1500)
Brussels, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, MS II 270
E. Schreurs, B. Bouckaert, J. Van Dongen, A. Welkenhuysen, J. De Landtsheer
Performance Edition, 1 vol., XLV-132p., gebonden
Facsimile: 1 vol., 52p., 110 x 156 mm

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De triomfeerende Min.
Vredespel. Gemengt met Zang- en Snaarenspel, Vliegwerken, en Baletten. 1680
(Dirk Buysero & Carel Hacquart)

(Love triumphant; a play of peace. Mixed with songs and strings...)
P. Andriessen & T. Strengers (Editors)
1 vol., LII-82 p., bound

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Harpsichord Music of the Southern Low Countries.
Three manuscripts from the national archives in Antwerp: Arendonk, Dimpna Isabella en Maria Therese Reijnders (17th Century)
G. Spiessens & I. Cornelis (Editors)
1 vol. LVII + 111 p.

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Motets by Alexander Utendal
(ca. 1543/1545 - 1581)

I. Bossuyt (Editor)
1 vol., LVI + 137 p.

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Petrus Hercules Brehy
Motets (selection)

L.R. Baratz
1 vol., XL+72 pp. (paperback)
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Preludes for Carillon by Matthias Vanden Gheyn (18th century)
G. Huybers & L. Rombouts (Editors)
2 vols., XLV + 50 p.,
facsimile + performance edition

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Harpsichord Music of the Southern Low Countries
Three manuscripts from the national archives in Antwerp: Arendonk, Dimpna Isabella en Maria Therese Reijnders (17th Century)
G. Spiessens & I. Cornelis (Editors)
1 vol. LVII + 111 p.
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