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Alamire Music Publishers concentrates on educational books in Dutch, facsimiles of musical manuscripts and scholarly works for the international market. Our collection of facsimiles of Renaissance and Baroque prints, is discontinued and liquidated at special discount prices.

Alamire Publishers offers the remaining stock of all its titles at 50% of the price mentioned on the website. There are no administration costs. We will charge postage.


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Alamire Music Publishers aims to serve a varied public. Music lovers can find what they’re looking for in concise studies of a particular composer, genre, or style/period. The collaboration with Musica results in publications for teachers in primary schools. For musicians, Alamire publishes early music (from 1100-1797) in facsimile and in modern transcription. Musicologists have access to the results of musicological research in Flanders in a series of yearbooks and reference editions.


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It is only possible to place your order directly by e-mail (info@alamire.com).

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