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Alamire Music Publishers was founded in 1984. From the beginning, the publishing house has been active in a variety of areas, from music education editions for children to specialised editions for the musician and musicologist. Since 2000, Alamire has had a dual orientation, with a general collection in Dutch and a scholarly collection mainly in English.
- The general collection is geared for music lovers, with listening guides, thematic guides and the music magazine Contra. and is also active in the educational field with musical projects and work kits for schools.
- The scholarly collection is divided into three areas, with facsimile editions of Renaissance manuscripts, the Monumenta Flandriae Musica series and the Yearbooks of the Alamire Foundation.
Alamire Music Publishers was originally set up in order to fill a need for facsimile editions. The early music movement was in full bloom, creating a demand for new sources of music. Alamire earned a place among the publishers of facsimiles, specialising in music by the Flemish masters in ‘authentic reproductions’ (no touchups or corrections!), scholarly introductions, and prices that offered good quality at reasonable prices. With these Renaissance manuscripts and printed editions, Alamire had in mind not only musicologists, but also musicians, expanding the collection of facsimiles to include series of Baroque, Classical, and Romantic music for such instruments as lute, gamba, recorder, traverso, guitar, and chamber music groups.
From the beginning, the editions from Alamire Music Publishers have been scholarly in approach. In 1991, this aspect was given a structural basis in the founding of the Alamire Foundation (a joint venture between the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and Musica, a music education organisation). The Alamire Foundation takes a systematic and interdisciplinary approach to the study of the musical life in the collegiate churches in the Low Countries from the late Middle Ages until the abolition of these institutions in 1797. The results of this innovative research are published in the Yearbooks of the Alamire Foundation, while transcriptions of a selection of the music appear in the Monumenta Flandriae Musica.

Parallel with this scholarly approach, Alamire has continued to work in close collaboration with its sister organisation, Musica. As part of the early music movement, this organisation has specialised in music-making from original notation. Over time, Musica has grown to become a large-scale music education organisation, with courses for children, young adults, and adults, featuring events devoted to specific themes - not only relating to early music. These events provide not only a breeding ground for listening guides and educational editions, but also an opportunity for their practical application.
As a result, Alamire Music Publishers has slimmed down its offering, becoming more directed, with general editions aimed at promoting music playing or listening; educational editions that pass on the musical and pedagogical know-how of Musica’s organisation; and scholarly editions geared to a wider dissemination of our musical heritage.
Herman Baeten, director

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Herman Baeten

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